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APM’s car park wardens are professionally trained to keep the flow of traffic smooth and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in your car park. Their friendly and helpful manner ensures maximum compliance, and assists customers to ingress and engress your car park in a hassle-free manner. As a result, your car park will be noticeably more efficient. During busy hours, our wardens will effectively diffuse frustration which often results from illegal or unauthorised parking. Thus, they enable your parking enforcement system to run smoothly by maintaining a feeling of security and calm even at the most hectic of times. Trained to identify any problematic situations, our wardens will quickly alert the authorities of suspicious or potentially harmful drivers. This guarantees a stress-free parking environment and one which is void of disruption and conflict. They are also trained to provide technical support when needed. Your customer’s shopping experience will be enhanced greatly thanks to our courteous and helpful car park wardens and your business will benefit from a more efficient parking management system.

Key Benefits of our Car Park Wardens

  • Ensure a smooth flow of traffic
  • Professional and friendly
  • Contribute to a stress-free car park
  • Provide any necessary technical support

Our Key Benefits

  • Free ANPR Cameras 100%
  • Free Signage 100%
  • 24/7/365 Management Service 100%
  • Personal Client Manager 100%
  • Absolutely Free Installation 100%
  • Customised Graphical Reporting 100%


Absolute Parking Management offers the following additional key services:

Free ANPR Cameras

Our state-of-the-art ANPR cameras identify and authorise your clients and deters drivers from parking regulation abuse.

Free Installation

Absolute Parking Management’s highly trained technicians survey your site and complete an installation in 24 hours.

Free Parking Barriers

Absolute Parking Management’s parking barriers are highly effective, low cost, and low maintenance.

Free Payment Machines

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.

Free Graphical Reporting

View customisable graphical reports of data tables, graphs, and charts collected from your site.

Free Pay-by-Phone

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.


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