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At Absolute Parking Management, we understand how crucial it is for business owners to remain in control of their parking facilities. Particularly when your car park is congested, drivers are often tempted to break parking regulations and not adhere to parking guidelines. During busy seasons or at peak traffic hours, it is common that drivers overstay their allocated parking time and also park in unauthorised spaces. Without a proper parking enforcement system in place, such occurrences will reduce the efficiency of your car park. Our goal is to help minimise any confrontations or disputes by making your clients parking experience a pleasant one. Our team will help guide you to find the most appropriate parking enforcement solutions, which will ultimately lead to increased revenue for your business.

Clear Signage

The team at Absolute Parking Management is aware of how important it is for parking signage to be easily visible, prominently displayed and understood. We achieve this through our simple and colourful signs which clearly outline the terms and conditions of your car park. In addition, our signage is approved by theBPA before being used for public display. This results in increased compliance with parking restrictions and minimises any disputes with our parking enforcement officials. Our signs are made from top quality materials, and we offer a free replacement service if they become damaged or unreadable.

ANPR Cameras

Our ANPR circles5cameras are on alert to detect any breach of you parking conditions and to ensure that clients are adhering to your parking regulations. The cameras work in all weather conditions, are high density and afford 24/7 surveillance of your car park. We can therefore guarantee that no activity will remain unnoticed. It is a crucial aspect of parking enforcement that drivers are aware of all the terms and sanctions for parking, and are aware that the system is reliable in detecting a breach of parking regulations. This will avoid overuse and act as a deterrent against unlawful behaviour, such as parking on yellow lines, in hatched areas or on grass verges. In the event of a breach occurring, Absolute Parking Management will follow through with all relevant steps such as accruing penalties, issuing warnings, etc.

Increased Revenue

Retail car parks are often occupied by drivers who are not using the retail facilities. Unauthorised cars have been found parked long term in retail and other car parks, abusing parking regulations and causing a loss of income for business owners. Such a breach only occurs due to the lack of a proper parking enforcement system. In order to avoid a situation by which customers struggle to find a car space and perhaps even leave for lack of somewhere to park, our parking enforcement systems are designed to encourage a steady flow of customers in and out of the car park. Our ANPR system aims to increase your revenue both from the car park itself and directly to your business, by increasing the ability of customers to patronise your store/s. A well managed parking enforcement system is of benefit to both you and your customers.

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circles_23A Safer Parking Environment

While not only guaranteeing the efficiency of your car park and reducing misuse, an efficient parking enforcement system works to ensure customers a safer car parking environment. This is particularly important in car parks that are frequented by families with young children, the elderly or large crowds of people. Our ANPR system monitors Disabled Bays as well as Parent-and-Child Bays. By monitoring your car park for incorrectly parked vehicles and any unauthorised activity, we ensure that clients will feel safe in your car park and not hesitate to patronise your business on future occasions. Coupled with a backup of car park wardens, available to patrol the site, authorities will immediately be alerted in the event of suspicious activity. Thus, we guarantee shoppers, clients and their families an atmosphere of health and safety while offering you adherence to parking enforcement guidelines at the highest level.


Our Key Benefits

  • Free ANPR Cameras 100%
  • Free Signage 100%
  • Free Callouts 100%
  • Personal Client Manager 100%
  • Absolutely Free Installation 100%
  • Customised Graphical Reporting 100%

Absolute Parking Management offers the following additional key services:

Free ANPR Cameras

Our state-of-the-art ANPR cameras identify and authorise your clients and deters drivers from parking regulation abuse.

Free Installation

Absolute Parking Management’s highly trained technicians survey your site and complete an installation in 24 hours.

Free Parking Barriers

Absolute Parking Management’s parking barriers are highly effective, low cost, and low maintenance.

Free Payment Machines

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.

Free Graphical Reporting

View customisable graphical reports of data tables, graphs, and charts collected from your site.

Free Pay-by-Phone

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.


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