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Parking management is the interplay between the hardware, software, and human element used to implement the best parking management system available in the UK today. Absolute Parking Management specialises in maximising all three areas to the best degree possible. We offer highly reliable and comprehensive management systems optimised for streamlining the daily operations for a host of businesses. We realise how integral it is to the success of your business to have your car park managed effectively. Our sensible and forward thinking policy has led our research team on its mission for the most up-to-date, reliable and consumer-friendly parking management solutions on the market. These sophisticated and robust products have been combined into a package of services which are revolutionizing the world of parking management.

Eliminating Confrontation

With our unique parking management system, confrontation and disputes are a thing of the past. All too often, parking disputes have arisen between staff and customers, resulting from the lack of a robust parking management system. This has led to aggressive behaviour carried out against staff and management. Such occurrences have a negative impact on your business operations, as staff become preoccupied with car park management and are unable to carry out their employment duties. With our unique system, we remove the involvement of your staff members and management, saving your time and money and at the same time eliminating unnecessary disputes.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Absolute Parking Management uses ANPR circles9as the key to our comprehensive parking management method. Our sturdy ANPR cameras use optical character recognition to read your customers’ vehicle registration plates and ensure a swift ingress and egress to and from your site. Customers can rest assured that regardless of the weather conditions, our cameras do not compromise on the quality of images provided. Our cameras are equipped for all weather conditions, including providing crystal clear images despite extreme weather conditions such as snow, rain, etc. The ANPR system guarantees an increased flow of customers which leads to increased revenue for your business. The cameras increase security on your site, with their 24/7 monitoring, acting as a deterrent to unlawful driving behaviour, and ensuring that drivers feel protected in your car park regardless of the time of day or night.

Electronic Permits

With Absolute Parking Management’s new electronic permits, your customers can enjoy a smoother ingress and egress to your car park, without the hassle of paper permits, and without the need to enter their car registration details. Upon entering the car park, the ANPR system immediately recognises the permits, and the car is allowed automatic entry. Registering a permit is simple and allows your customers indefinite parking for as long as their car remains on the system. Your staff will have direct access to our computers via our secure web log-in, allowing them to control your permit system through a convenient self-service method. Thus, the privacy and safety of customer’s personal details remain protected. This system effectively utilises the best features of parking management available today.

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The latest method in phone technology is the Pay-by-Phone system, which allows customers to access your car park via a simple phone call. This unique service eliminates the need for coin machines, collections and machine maintenance, allowing you to increase revenue, reduce expenditure on equipment and improve compliance. Should your clients need extended parking time, they have the added convenience of extending their allotted duration from their phone, regardless of their location. The Pay-by-Phone system further reduces costs as it eliminates the need for assistance from car park wardens.

Payment Machines

Our alpha-numeric payment machines are another example of how Absolute Parking Management utilises the latest car park technology to benefit our clients. These machines are installed in your car park in convenient positions, normally near the entrance of your business and avoids the need for any paper to be displayed on your client’s windscreen. Our clear signage directs customers to the location of these machines, usually positioned at the entrance to your business. Customers will appreciate how much easier this system is in comparison to the paper ticket system of the past. By simply typing their vehicle registration number on the alpha-numeric key pad, they have access to the car park within seconds. Absolute Parking Management’s payment machines are vandal-resistant and tamper proof, and are administered by a dedicated account manager which allows for multiple card connectivity.

Car Park Wardenscircles_12

Our professionally trained car park wardens are our “field customer service representatives” and provide the human interface in our parking management system. They are trained to assist your customers with any help they require, such as ensuring that all customers find a space to park, and provide technical support if necessary. Equipped to deal with a range of issues, our wardens also identify suspicious or potentially harmful drivers and are trained to quickly diffuse problematic situations. Thus, Absolute Parking Management guarantees a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which serves to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Additional Products

Our parking barriers provide additional security and are non-confrontational wired entry systems located at underground entry and exit loops. Our low-cost turnstiles provide effective access control in all areas. Light weight bollards lower into the ground in less than three seconds and can endure an impact of 30 kilometers per hour. In addition, our automatic gates use a cantilever system that accommodates for entrances with uneven surfaces. Our highly trained technicians install and maintain these elements on a regular basis, allowing you to focus solely on your business operations while we manage your car park.


Our Key Benefits

  • Free ANPR Cameras 100%
  • Free Signage 100%
  • Free Callouts 100%
  • Personal Client Manager 100%
  • Absolutely Free Installation 100%
  • Customised Graphical Reporting 100%

Absolute Parking Management offers the following additional key services:

Free ANPR Cameras

Our state-of-the-art ANPR cameras identify and authorise your clients and deters drivers from parking regulation abuse.

Free Installation

Absolute Parking Management’s highly trained technicians survey your site and complete an installation in 24 hours.

Free Parking Barriers

Absolute Parking Management’s parking barriers are highly effective, low cost, and low maintenance.

Free Payment Machines

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.

Free Graphical Reporting

View customisable graphical reports of data tables, graphs, and charts collected from your site.

Free Pay-by-Phone

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.


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