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We at Absolute Parking Management are able to assist your business in finding the right parking solutions for your company. We fully comply with UK legislation and adhere to standards as set by the BPA and AOS bodies. We are committed to our position as a leader in the parking management industry.

Client Consideration at the Core

We understand that your business needs are as unique as the clients which you serve. Our professional team are dedicated in providing you best advice possible regarding which parking solutions are most suited to your business’s needs. This requires a close analysis of your business operation and a thorough understanding of who your clients are and their individual needs. Considering this information, we can best determine which parking solutions will be most effective and as hassle-free as possible for your clients.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

With knowledge and expertise in this field, our company utilises the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technology in order to provide our clients with innovative and effective parking solutions across the UK. From retail outdoor car parks to executive underground car parks, the range of electronic parking solutions are endless and we provide them all. circles6

Quick Responses

Absolute Parking Management offers a unique ‘two-hour call out service’, by which our engineers are guaranteed to provide you maintenance services within two hours of receiving a request. By offering this unique service, we hope to save you valuable time and aim to maximise efficiency while eliminating any technical difficulties. Your busy clients will appreciate having problems resolved quickly and thoroughly and will enjoy a parking solution that places their convenience as a top priority.

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 ANPR Camera System

The ANPR system is at the forefront of modern technology in the parking management industry. Our automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system is a leader in the UK amongst parking solutions for your car park. We implement and manage every aspect of these systems from our initial meeting, to site survey to installation and servicing. Cameras are installed at the entry and exit to your car park, and provide a 24/7 monitoring system, which gives you total parking management, round the clock. The cameras capture images of each vehicle as it enters and exits the car park, automatically calculating its length of stay and ensures that they conform to car park regulations.

Electronic Permits

Absolute Parking Management has circles10created an innovative alternative to the paper permit – a virtual e-permit. This method is suitable for certain groups such as those in education, NHS, residential, retail, leisure, transport etc. Electronic permits are a useful parking solution either as a stand-alone entity or in conjunction with other systems. Each permit system can be designed specifically to the site, with charges and data differing according to various criteria.


The car park wardens at Absolute Parking Management have been carefully selected and are known to be exceptionally friendly, helpful staff. They aim to keep the flow of traffic smooth in your car park, by ensuring that cars are able to ingress and egress your car park without hassle. There is nothing more frustrating for drivers than fellow drivers who attempt to park illegally or disrespectfully, whether by blocking other cars in or by parking in unauthorised positions. Our wardens are trained to notice these drivers and correct the situation as quickly as possible. Thus, they help to create a sense of security in and around the car park, making the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for your clients. Used to enforce the chosen systems in your car park, parking wardens have become an invaluable and essential part of our parking solution options. circles4

Payment Machines

The alpha-numeric paperless machine system is advantageous in that it offers your clients a simple and hassle-free method of payment. Upon entering and exiting the car park, clients simply type in their registration number, and the machine will automatically calculate the fee. An easier alternative to paper parking tickets, this system eliminates the problem of lost or misplaced tickets, allowing for a less complicated parking experience. This system has become an increasingly popular parking solution in the industry due to the convenience which it affords clients.


Another convenient and cashless alternative that has increased in popularity is the “Pay by Phone” method. Customers call the automated system and pay over the phone using their credit or debit card. It allows additional features such as arranging discounted rates for residents, differing tariffs for different days of the week, and minute-based, hourly or weekly rates. This service is often used in conjunction with a Pay and Display system or it can be installed as a stand-alone system. The Pay by Phone method offers another parking solution, utilised by both shoppers and business owners.

Back Office

Our back office is an circles3essential part of any parking management system. It keeps a close watch on all activity in your car park, and provides full administrative support to your company. Upon request, our system will supply you with useful information, such as patterns of arrival and departure, parking duration, habits of staff parking and offender alerts. Log-in to this system is secure, In addition, we will provide you with online access to management reports where you can view and analyse your parking data and statistics, live and in real time. These reports can either be customised for weekly or monthly analysis. The data can be referenced against the criteria of your choice, such as peak holiday periods or weather conditions, to help identify trends in your parking patterns. This system is flexible and robust, and has been designed in such as way as to enable additional customisation in the future as your needs evolve.


Our Key Benefits

  • Free ANPR Cameras 100%
  • Free Signage 100%
  • Free Callouts 100%
  • Personal Client Manager 100%
  • Absolutely Free Installation 100%
  • Customised Graphical Reporting 100%

Absolute Parking Management offers the following additional key services:

Free ANPR Cameras

Our state-of-the-art ANPR cameras identify and authorise your clients and deters drivers from parking regulation abuse.

Free Installation

Absolute Parking Management’s highly trained technicians survey your site and complete an installation in 24 hours.

Free Parking Barriers

Absolute Parking Management’s parking barriers are highly effective, low cost, and low maintenance.

Free Payment Machines

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.

Free Graphical Reporting

View customisable graphical reports of data tables, graphs, and charts collected from your site.

Free Pay-by-Phone

Simply enter your vehicle registration number in the alpha-numeric payment machine installed on-site.


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